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Swissmobilia x art

As part of our sideboard charity campaign, Swissmobilia was looking for three artists in October to give the noble trays a creative makeover. Curt gave the interior design company a hand and we found what we were looking for!

The results of the selected creative Neo Francesco, Bogi Nagy and Sina Simbürger can be seen. Who now wants to call one of the super chic unique pieces his property and at the same time do good, should not miss the Swissmobilia auction!

Finish with diversity: The results





Loyal curt readers have of course been following the innovative charity art campaign since October. But since there are supposed to be people who can't absorb page after page of the culture magazine and recite it like a bible, here's a brief summary again: Since Swissmobilia is a big fan of art and Nuremberg, three regional artists were to be given the chance to present themselves and their art for a good cause of their choice. Chosen to transform the light gray shelves in their style were finally super pop artist Francesco Neo, illustrator Bogi Nagy and design student Sina Simbürger. "We are thrilled with the final result. All three have their own individual style - and it shows," says Sabrina Oehme, Creative Director of Swissmobilia.

We want to know more about the creation process and the motivations, want to hear all about tears, sore fingers or possibly too little color. Francesco Neo, however, doesn't seem to have had any dramatic problems with the tray: "Thanks to my many years of experience in the design industry and theater painting in Italy, it was easy for me to adapt to the new material of the tray." Normally, the Italian-born artist paints very large paintings with oil and spray on canvas in his studio. His goal was to project the same expressiveness of his previous works onto the piece of furniture, and to do so he simply replaced the oil with a marker. "As always, when I paint, it's about people, beauty and emotion. My working process is determined by intuition, irrationality and speed. I don't think about it much, I just do it! After 6 hours I had painted all the pages. For me it was like playing," Francesco explains.
Illustrator Bogi Nagy had a completely different approach: "Since I take my motifs mainly from my impressions of life, I quickly realized that I wanted to create a connection between my adopted hometown of Nuremberg and Barcelona, where I've been staying a lot lately." Her sideboard initially poses a riddle to the viewer with many hidden messages and symbolism, which Bogi is happy to reveal in advance: "On the left front is the magic square from Albrecht Dürer's copperplate engraving 'Melencolia I', on the right side Antoni Gaudi's magic square from the Sagrada Familia. The numbers of the magic square are shown as shapes systematically based on the intersections of circles. Thus, at number 1 there is a circle, at number 2 the intersection of two circles, and so on. Elements such as the Dürer Hare or the Casa Milá sculpture are deliberately hidden behind the number 11 - but there is much more to discover."
In stark contrast to Bogi's minimalist renderings is Sina Simbürger's detailed design of two peacocks. "Since a piece of furniture is of course a 3D object and not a flat piece of paper, conception and transport were a challenge at first. However, there was no shortage of fun. I may have driven my boyfriend crazy, but we laughed a lot," says the 22-year-old.

The big auction of the artworks will start on 04 January 2019. The results will be presented at Paul in Kaiserstraße on 18 January at about 18:30. The proceeds will go to the education of young people in Africa, the children's hospice Regensburg and the Hilfe für Frauen in Not e.V.. Make yourself and others happy! 

Text: Sarah Gruber
Image: Sarah Gruber,

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