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Tool sets for USM Haller - What tools do I need and how do I use Swissmobilia products?

You do not know which tool set you need? You have questions about how to use our products? No problem - in our blog you will learn everything about our tool sets and how to use our products!

Swissmobilia tool sets for USM Haller

Finding the right tool for your USM Haller design classic is not difficult. The basic thing to clarify beforehand is which generation of connectors you have.

Still unsure if you have a 1st or 2nd generation design classic?
Then just click here!


Get an overview of our tool sets, let's get started with our Giusep tool set!


Then let's go - with the Guisep tool set you have your existing system furniture rebuilt in no time. This set is suitable for both the first and second generation for assembly. If the connectors are stuck in the tube, a connector puller is needed. This is included in the other tool sets.


Frillik - the tool set for the second generation!


Are you sure you have the second generation of connectors? Then we advise the friend and helper: The Frillik tool set. With the Frillik tool set you not only have the possibility to assemble an existing USM Haller design classic, you also have the possibility to disassemble an already assembled existing system at the same time. We recommend our Frillik tool set if you do not need to disassemble and reassemble your system too often. 


The helper with the plus tool!


The Diviko tool set also includes everything to assemble and disassemble and a bit more... With the additional wrench in adapted length (to the 350 tube) the assembly and disassembly of an existing USM Haller element of the second generation is even easier!


We're almost at last but not least: The Rudi tool set is just the thing for you if you want to combine everything that the other sets already bring. But of course we also put one on top here!


The Rudi tool set offers comfortable grip during use, as all wrenches are provided with a specially made wooden handle. In addition, the Rudi tool set offers the advantage that you can easily connect your 1st and 2nd generation design classic. The Beath tool is also included in this set and offers the ability to pull 1st generation connectors. If you are unsure about the generation of the connectors, we generally advise the Rudi tool set - here you are on the safe side.


You want to solve the 1st generation connectors and urgently need the right connector puller? 


We offer the Beath tool not only in a set, but also individually.  


The latest addition to the Swissmobilia tool family!


Shelves and sideboards, which are not easy to transport due to their size, are connected to each other by a slotted tube and also separated from each other just as easily. Through the two slots in the tubes, in which two pre-assembled connectors are located, you can separate assembled elements from each other at any time without having to disassemble your complete design classic - this function is offered for your shelving system both horizontally and vertically! In addition to a slotted tube, the matching Reto tool now supports you in this endeavor!

Thus, larger redesign projects for your USM Haller furniture are from now on perfectly suitable and implementable not only for professionals, but also for any newcomer!

To assemble or disassemble your slotted tubes, simply place your new companion Reto in the slot of the tube on the connector and turn it counterclockwise or clockwise until the connector is loosened or fastened.



How exactly are Swissmobilia products to be used?


Swissmobilia spare parts, elements & individual parts can be used to repair or redesign your existing USM Haller furniture. Swissmobilia parts may not be used to build entire pieces of furniture or to make additions to your existing system. Specifically, this means that you may not change the arrangement of the compartments of your existing element, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Separating a piece of furniture into two individual pieces of furniture
  • Adding a railing or elevation to your existing design classic
  • Changing the arrangement of the furniture, such as from a vertical to a horizontal position
  • Adding an extension or extension to an existing element
  • The construction of entire furniture


For the above projects, please contact USM Haller directly.

You can use Swissmobilia items to replace defective items. You can also close open compartments with our metal elements. Changing the height, depth or width of an existing compartment is also possible. You want to change the color of the shelves? You can always order the matching metal elements for this at



Still not sure what tool you need or how to use our products? 


No problem: Feel free to contact us via our email address: or by phone: 0911 14 888800. A sales manager will contact you by phone or email after receiving your request.


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